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The Metaphor Language Research Center LLC

Since 1990, we have worked in developing countries building teams and improving organization effectiveness, especially in the health field.

Our current project aims to  help jail and prison inmates visualize and plan their re-entry into society.  Tentatively named Pathfinder / Next Horizon, (male and female versions) we are adapting the metaphoric and symbolic techniques that have proven highly effective in Metaphor Mapping.

Pathfinder Next Horizon

Research Project


A tool for inmates to visualize their past, ideal future and plan to achieve it on return to society

Initial Assumptions

  1. Inmates are able and willing to think abstractly
  2. Inmates are willing to reflect and plan with their mentors
  3. Visual story telling and recording as “maps” will be:
    • Acceptable and easy for inmates
    • Provide stimulation for self-evaluation and imagining a better future
  • Mentors are willing to employ visual tools

Research Goals

  1. Validate assumptions
  2. Build a body of knowledge about the utility of such tools from diverse inmates and mentors
  3. Evaluate whether visual maps are useful to retain focus on a vision and goals after release

Action Plan

  1. Start with existing tools already used by one client, adapt and improve them – 3/2016
  2. Work with another mentor and client, gather information, adapt and improve – 5/2016
  3. If results justify, continue with others – 7/2016
  4. Evaluate progress and decide next steps – 9/2016


Step 1 is in progress and arrangements being made to commence step 2.  As we get closer to the needs of clients, the urgency of their situations is leading us to try to accelrate the project.

(L. Raymond 2/9/2016)



“Serious Game” Research

which may be contracted

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 Identify and analyze the metaphors driving culture and communications 

  1. What are the overtly employed or implied metaphors at the root of the organization’s culture?
  2. How, when and where are visible and verbal symbols used?
  3. What is the resulting impact on performance of groups and the entire organization?
  4. Identification of alternative metaphors for enhanced effectiveness
  5. Change management plan